Technology disruptions have led to talent scarcity. Many of the startups and SMEs are struggling to find the best talent and hire them on time. Charvak is a leading IT staffing solutions provider located in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh and serving different parts of India. We work closely with clients to understand their technology needs and talent gaps. Charvak has proven methodologies and a mature process in place to hire the best talent to meet your long-term business goals. Our talent acquisition experts have more than two decades of experience in finding and assessing a candidate.

Unlike other IT staffing solutions providers, Charvak leverages modern technology tools to screen resumes and assess candidate's technical skills. Our latest application tracking systems (ATS) ensure you get the right talent at the right time. Further to it, our IT staffing process is empowered by technical interviewing platforms to ensure transparency and the best candidature. As a flexible IT staffing solutions provider, we offer a wide range of staffing models including, permanent, contract, and contract to hire (C2H).

Through our years of experience in talent management, we have built a talent acquisition engine that can help companies in finding the best resources on the go. Our custom IT staffing solutions allow you to devote your time to mission-critical operations and strategy building instead of tedious tasks. If you are desperately hiring for talent, Charvak's technology staffing solutions allow you to handpick the right candidate from our database of ten thousand professionals with diversified technology expertise.

Our IT staffing solutions and services

At Charvak, we aim to serve businesses of all sizes with the best technology resources in place. We find the best talent for you within your geographical location or pan India. Charvak offers cost-effective IT staffing services together with diversity at the workplace. We don't compel any of our clients; we give them the best choices.

Direct Hire

If you have multiple projects to develop and need a resource on a long-term basis, direct hiring is ideal for you. In this staffing model, we take requirements from clients and search for a candidate who can associate on a long-term basis within the company's budget. Usually, this process will take more time as it involves many stakeholders in the decision-making process. In this talent engagement model, the candidate goes directly on the client's payroll.

Contract or Temporary Hiring Model

This is the best staff augmentation method where companies look for external tech resources on a demand basis for a short period. Here, in this staffing model, the tech resources directly work with the client's internal team but on the IT staffing agency's payroll. The company can immediately terminate or cancel the contract upon completion of the project. It's a flexible staffing method that helps clients save time and cost associated with hiring and infrastructure.


It is more similar to the "try before you buy" model. Contract to hire is one of the fastest-growing staffing models in the current digital era. In this model, clients hire talent from a staffing company on a contract basis for some time and check their proficiency and skills. If the employer satisfied the contract employee's performance, they proceed with a permanent hire. Comparatively, it saves more time and cost to clients in terms of training and onboarding.

Hybrid Staffing Model

With the rapid changes in technology, companies are in dire need of technical resources that can help them in developing applications. So, to stay competitive, companies are more likely to prefer a hybrid staffing model -- a combination of direct and contract staffing models. In this IT staffing model, companies can prioritize and plan their hiring process and can secure the roles for future projects.


Charvak is a team of experienced recruiters that diligently work to find resources and build industry-leading teams. We believe strong teams are the building blocks of any company's success. At Charvak, we strive to fill the skill gaps with the best talent in place. Our recruitment strategies are specific to industries and ensure tangible growth and revenue.

Do you have any unfilled positions for a long time and struggling to find the right resources? Collaborate with Charvak to get the best IT staffing solutions for your talent needs.